What is your SEO company doing for you?

SEO business success for your website design

Depending on your arrangement, your SEO company should be getting qualified prospects to your website. Some SEO companies will also make sure the page the website visitors land on is doing the most to get the viewer to all or email you.

In order to maximize the traffic coming to your website from searches in Google, Bing or Yahoo, your website needs to be on the First page of search – possibly second page depending on your industry.

This is where you need a good web tool to perform multiple searches for the key words that you and your SEO company have agreed you should be found for.

These searches should be performed without the search engine knowing your web history. If you do a search on your personal PC or Mac, make sure you open a private or “incognito” web window. Using Google Chrome, go to “File” then “New Incognito Window.”

Otherwise the websites you have previously visited will influence what you see in the search (usually making your website seem better than it is).

Ask yourself, “does my AdWords campaign spending do me any good?”
google adwords for business improved website

The best way to do this is to pay for a tracking phone number that the person clicking on your ad will see when they go to your website. There are services that handle this substitution and it involves more cost and adding special code to your website.

How then do you measure your effectiveness in using the Internet?

This begins with what you are trying to do. I will give you information on a couple of common questions here.

  • Are you trying to see if you payment to Yellow Pages is getting you more business?
  • Do you want to see if your SEO company is improving your listing in Organic searches?
  • Do you want to know if the money you are spending on Adwords (PPC) is getting you anywhere?

When you are using Yellow Pages advertising one of three things might happen in regards to growing your business online.

  • The viewer will click on the ad to go your website. Google Analytics measures how many people click the ad. Also Google Analytics allow you can see which web pages they visit when they get to your website.
  • Second, the viewer might make a phone call to you (depending on your service or product) from the Yellow pages listing. I feel this happens much less frequently than a visit to your website.
  • A third technique is to have a unique coupon on the yellow pages listings. Customers who bring this to you are definitely using Yellow pages. (still they may not have found you there)

This data can then be analyzed and combined with the cost of the program to determine if you are actually getting leads from this marketing activity.

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