Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Paid search marketing - Expensive? Worth it!

PPC greatly increases businesses being found online

Paid search marketing is an internet marketing model that directs traffic to your website using cost-associated advertising. Other terms are Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click.

Our team of PPC experts will gather the right keywords, run the correct models and score relevant customers through target internet marketing. PPC ads are displayed along the sides of organic searches on search engines. Most commonly we direct our traffic to you using AdWords from Google.

Google AdWords, we know how to make it work for YOUR business

Google AdWords is one of the major digital marketing platforms available for keyword targeting through digital advertising. In order for AdWords to work successfully, your website must have content that relates to the advertisements and keywords. Our digital marketing strategists will ensure your website has it all: keywords, content and the right PPC ads.

We provide the paid search marketing research and you consider a budget. We work together to make the right paid search marketing solutions to suit your business.

Use paid search marketing to get customers excited about your website

If you would like people to see your website when they are searching for your product or service, the search engines will display a web advertisement for a fee. This is probably the quickest way to get potential customers to see your ad and your website.

This is how Google will make up to 60 billion dollars this year.

The company did not pay for me to see this ad. They will only pay if I click on it. These ads sometimes go by the name of PPC or Pay-Per-Click. You pay in advance for your clicks and set up a budget per day, per month and you must determine what words someone will be searching for in order for your ad to be displayed. In addition, you can specify where the person must be when they are doing the search in order to see the ad.

The cost of the ‘click’ is determined by a bidding process. Google’s programs places the ad for the person willing to pay the most for the click at the top of the ads and so on. Clicks generally run .50 to $7.00 or more. Clicks for heavily competed search terms will be very high. Placing your ad on a search for “trial attorney” could cost almost $500. Clicks have been up to $50 for things like insurance, loans or mortgage.

Anyone can use the ad systems set up by Google or Bing but in order to actually make the ads pay takes a lot of knowledge and attention. Archmore Business Web can place your ads to get the most relevant clicks and the least clicks by those who have no chance of being your customer.