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Content Marketing

[A recent study by the Custom Content Council]

Consumers want information, not sales propaganda:

→ 73% of consumers prefer to get information from a company in the form of a collection of articles over an advertisement

→ 61% of consumers feel better about a company that delivers custom content AND are in turn more likely to buy from that company

We attract customers by writing original, compelling content that gets attention - and visits - for your product or service.

  • Charts
  • Checklists
  • Quizzes
  • Interviews
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Info Graphics
  • Web Widgets

Best way to get potential customers to see your website: feature useful content

We call this "content marketing" or "inbound marketing." You provide relevant information on your website for people searching for your services. Content marketing does much more than just getting viewers to your website, it keeps them there.

Content marketing:

  • Attracts viewers who are relevant to your business to your website and does a lot to turn them into customers
  • Establishes you or your business as a Thought Leader and expert in your industry
  • Helps to get your website ranked higher in organic search results

Every industry has unique insights to keep consumers interested—

What Are YOURS?

We have heard the comment many times that “my industry is not that interesting, how can I come up with interesting AND relevant content for my product or service?"

Disruptive, thought-provoking content -

One example is an article for the Life Insurance industry. This area is very competitive and not a very exciting topic to write about.
One marketer came up with the following:

"As you probably can guess, I couldn’t come up with a creative content piece about insurance, but I quickly realized that people bought insurance because of their fear of death. This led me to come up with a content piece titled:
'19 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Death'."

The article was a big hit because it had interesting facts like:

"After being decapitated, the average person remains conscious for an additional 15-20 seconds. Talk about a way to go."

The article brought many visitors and moved the company from the fifth spot to the third spot for the very general search term “life insurance.”

Common content marketing mistakes, here are a few:

  • Do not focus on yourself—focus on the buyer instead. They do not care what you do, they care what you do for THEM.
  • Do not pitch your product at every stage. Stories that show how much they can get by doing business with you makes them WANT it.
  • Do not overlook calls to action. Be a little bold - tell them WHY they should contact you.
  • Do not forget that effective content marketing is a two-way street. Start a conversation to start doing business.
  • Do not produce content that lacks substance. Fluff KILLS.
  • Do not treat content marketing as an afterthought. Content strategy produces results - build your story with every contact.