Reputation Monitoring

reputation monitoring

We implement reputation monitoring to help you get good reviews online.

How does your business look online? It's one of the most important questions revolving around whether you will get business from online traffic or not.

The web has become the go-to place for public opinions about businesses. People will usually check the online reputation of a company they want to do business with.

Do you have good business reviews on Google My Business? Yelp? Facebook?

You business needs good reviews on Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, CitySearch, Yahoo, Manta, Angie's List, Better Business Bureau, Twitter and on your own website.

Our reputation monitoring staff will monitor your business on these review sites and make sure that the reviews are accurate and representing your business fairly. We work with these companies to remove all poor reviews that are not warranted. We will work with you to guide you to fair responses online so your customers are given the satisfaction and attention they deserve.

You cannot get away from people giving you reviews -
even if you don’t have a website.

Is your business represented fairly on these review sites?

Unfortunately the biggest motivation for a review is poor service in the eyes of your customer. It is important to learn from bad reviews and do what you can to negate any negative comments.

A business would not survive if half of their customers had a poor experience. However this is how it may appear without an adequate number of reviews.

For example if a business has two reviews, one good and one bad, which review should a consumer believe?

You need to get involved and be aware of your reviews - good or bad

How can you improve your online business reputation?

The best way to reduce the effect of poor comments is to solicit comments from happy customers. This way any negative mentions will be put in perspective.

Frequently, our work for our clients includes monitoring the reviews on a multitude of websites.

How we help monitor the online reputations of our clients:

  • We notify the owner if there are any negative comments.
    It is impossible to respond to negative comments if the
    business is unaware of them.
  • We discuss how to combat negative reviews and if rebuttal would be appropriate.
    If a business representative responds to a negative review it improves trust with potential customers.
  • We actively solicit reviews from happy customers.
    Without an adequate reminder a happy customers may not see fit to add a review of the business.

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