Website Standards

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Website Standards: The Focal Point of Marketing Plans

Website design and solutions encompass everything about your business online including social media, blogging, email marketing, website building, graphics and more. The website is the focal point of marketing and sales using the internet. Social media, email marketing, blogs, PPC and banner ads all direct traffic to your website to help get you in contact with that new prospect. Do not put your most important marketing tool in the hands of someone who does not understand marketing principals.

We build websites that help get you noticed and get the potential customer to contact you. We use stunning graphics, compelling content and calls to action all at the right place. As the business owner or marketing manager, you must be part of the equation in providing us with your main business selling proposition and your style.

WordPress Design and Optimized Sites

WordPress is the main platform we use for our websites. This platform provides us with the most flexible base upon in which we can build your website. There are thousands of ‘plugins’ or modules we can add to these websites that provide complex functionality. All WordPress sites come with a Content Management System which is a dashboard allowing almost anyone to make content changes to their website without any special tools.

We build E-commerce websites with shopping carts and merchant services accounts so you can sell your products on the web so your customers can use their credit cards.

We have package programs for 5-page websites to 20 pages and custom website packages for your particular purpose on the web.

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