Website Analytics

Website Analytics are How SEO Experts Keep Track of Your Business' Rankings

We use website analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of our work. Analytics gives us a wealth of information regarding the visitors to our website. No other marketing activity provides the amount of feedback. Some of the information you can get includes:

  • Number of visitors over your selected time period
  • The length of time the visitors stayed on the website
  • The page the website visitor was on when they decided to leave
  • The location of the visitor (city)
  • The website the visitor was on just before visiting your website
  • The words that were searched in order to click on the link to your website

Website analytics provided by Google is free and just requires setting up a Google account and installing a small piece of code on each website page.

You can find out what does not work as well as what does. For example, if you are paying for a listing on another website with a link back to your website, it would be important to see how many people clicked on that link. In addition, it is important to see how long those who clicked on the link stayed on your website. All this information is available using website analytics.

Archmore Business Web can set up analytics on your website and provide you useful analysis of the data.