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If you landed on this page it means that you are seeking and SEO agency to help your website get ranked for keywords. You probably did a search for "SEO in New York", or "New York SEO" to find us. We are happy that you did, because we can certainly help you! Keep in mind, we are located in Ohio, but SEO holds no bounderies. If we can get this page found, then rest assured that we can help you get your pages found!

SEO is the safest investment you can make to increase leads for your business.

We manually submit your listing directly to Local Search Engines and Directories and we submit your information indirectly through major data aggregators.

We make sure your listing is identical in all directories and search engines by editing existing information and making correct submissions in the first place. We monitor your listings each month. Sometimes this is referred to as NAP (Name Address Phone).

We build your relevancy by providing in-depth information on your business to the directories, websites and search engines. We submit keyword rich content, announcements, pictures, videos and service areas as appropriate for your business. Read more about SEO consulting services and find out how our strategies can work for your business.

How Does SEO Work?

You want your business to be seen in New York, which is why you need to optimize your website! Let us help you get your business found with SEO, so you can attract more buyers and leads! Here are some tips to help you, help us improve your SEO results in the search engines.

How Can You Make Your SEO Better in New York?

You know your business better than we do. Here are some free SEO tips that will help your website get ranked in Google search.

Choosing Your Keywords

Popular keywords can be researched using Google Console (aka Google Webmaster Tools). You audit your website using Google Console's Search Analytics feature to research what your best keywords are. The data given on Google Console includes Impressions, Click Through Rate (CTR), Clicks and Impressions. This data can help you determine the best keywords for your business.

Content is still King

Your content should provide value to the customer. If your content is overly repetitive and does not engage the customer, then they will bounce (leave the page). Think about what the customer will gain by reading your content and keep them engaged. Therefore content is still king.

Word Count

In the past, you could write a 300 - 500 word page and get ranked for it. Nowadays with all the competition out there, you need more. SEO researchers have determined that Google tends to prefer pages with valuable content. Valuable content means more words in Google's point of view. Therefore, the word count for your web pages should be around 1500 - 3000 words (preferably more).

Keyword Density

You want your keyword to appear somewhere in the text. If the keyword is not there, then no search engine will know what you want to rank for. SEO researchers have determined that the optimal keyword density should be around 1.5% - 3%. Too much "keyword stuffing" would get your website penalized.

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You want more business in New York, and we can get you more business by optimizing your website for both local search and organic search. Our SEO consultants can develop a long term strategy for you to get your business found. Are you ready to optimize your website with SEO in New York?

We help your New York business get found with SEO!

  • Get more customers within your city!
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SEO in New York means your business will be found in the sprawling metropolis! Don't let your competitors out rank you! Contact us now and we will get your business seen by a wider local audience!

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