Web Design and Digital Marketing Services

Archmore Business Web specialize in many digital marketing services and we do it all! As a web development and digital marketing agency located in Westerville Ohio, we will design you a responsive website that is optimized for not only desktops and laptops, but also tablet and mobile users (you can manage it using Wordpress CMS), write content that is optimized for all search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), build you an e-commerce store, add payment processing integration, enhance your keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), monitor your online reputation, manage your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, give you a detailed website analytics report, and even manage your social media posts so you don't have to!

Web Design & Development

Website Design encompasses everything about your business online including social media, blogging, email marketing, website building, graphics and more. Our web developers will make sure your website design is relevant to your business and clients. Archmore Business Web will ensure that your website is designed and optimized for mobile devices, tablets and desktop web browsers.

- Content Management System (CMS)

We design websites for Wordpress, so that means you have full control over managing its content just by logging in. We will also make sure you are well trained in the use of Wordpress.

- Mobile Website Design

Almost everyone owns a smart phone and our Websites are designed to be mobile friendly. We can ensure that your website is designed and optimized for all mobile devices, operating systems and window sizes. From iPhone to Android and smartphones to tablets to big screen monitors, we will make sure your website can be viewed in all sizes and screen resolutions.

- eCommerce Websites

If you have a product you want to see and are interested in online sales, we help you build a website that implements popular e-commerce shopping carts to your Wordpress site like WooCommerce. We will help your business maximize profits with on page SEO for your products or services. We can also help you manage your products.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What good is a website that cannot be found? Our SEO specialists will help your website gain visibility on popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) for specific key words relevant to your industry. While no one is able to guarantee the number one result in keyword ranking (this does not happen over night and may take time), our SEO specialist can ensure that your website's visibility is on its way there. SEO is a popular service that we offer.

- Content Writing Services

One of the very best ways to get potential customers to see your website is by providing useful content or information on your site. Content writing with the right keywords can seriously boost your SEO rankings in every search engine.

Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram are very popular social media platforms used by many people to communicate. Social Media is a powerful tool to engage with customers and to make your business unforgettable. We know that time is important and our Social Media Managers can make sure your business captivates your customer audience with social media posts that are relevant to your business and industry. Our services can include social media management at your request.

Reputation Monitoring

A negative review can be detrimental to your business, but people also appreciate a response when things go wrong. We offer reputation monitoring services to make sure you are aware of any negative reviews. While we are unable to remove or delete negative reviews, we can alert you quickly so you may respond. Our services can include reputation monitoring at your request.

- Testimonials

We all know that positive reviews are encouraging and customers will likely trust a business with more positive testimonials. Our reputation specialists can help you target positive reviews and implement them on your website using a markup code that helps search engines recognize your business as an industry authority.


Website Analytics are How SEO Experts Keep Track of Your Business' Rankings We use website analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of our work. Analytics gives us a wealth of information regarding the visitors to our website. No other marketing activity provides the amount of feedback. Analytics is essential to qualifying visitors to your website and how long they are staying on your site.