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bad mobile site and fewer smart phone search rankings

There are many factors that will come into play that will determine how this mobile change will affect you.

  1. What portion of your web traffic comes from a mobile phone? This could be from 5% – over 50%.
  2. What portion comes from Google searches on a mobile phone? You could have a lot of mobile traffic but if they don’t get to your website by a search on Google then the algorithm changes will not affect you much.
  3. How does you present website now look on a mobile device?
  4. What are others in your market doing on this front? Google’s ranking only compares you with others vying for the same search.

Web Marketing Services that Make a Difference

We provide businesses with Web Marketing Services for the purpose of them getting more business and therefore more profit. PERSPECTIVE is very important. You cannot do everything possible on the web – you have to do what will make a difference for you in a fiscally responsible manner.

That said the new websites we have been building since 2014 are all using “responsive design.” This makes the website change shape depending on the size of the screen being use to view it.

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