Web Marketing Universal Truths

What are the universal truths of web marketing? Are more website visits better than fewer? It depends.

We are all looking for universal truths. Best way to lose weight, best way to drive from here to Chicago or how can I get more people to my website. The answer is that there are very few Universal Truths. The answer is that it depends. It seems that the less you know about something the more likely you are to accept Universal – always do this type of answers. We don’t work that way. We cannot and we are not competing with the businesses that supply you with these simple solutions. Let me explain…

Are more website visits and phone calls better than fewer?

It depends on your cost to deal with a phone call or the motivation of the visitor to call you. We can get lots of visitors to almost any website but they may not be there because they are interested in your services or products. You can easily get hundreds of Facebook likes but they will never comment on your products or read your posts. Just visit Fiver.com. People on that website will give you 1,500 Facebook likes for $5.00 or 100 likes from the USA! Even, more data analysis is not always better than less. You can discard unwanted information but the problem is separating it from the real useful facts. For those of you who are reading this because I began the paper implying that I would give you some Universal Truths.

Here are some almost Universal Web Marketing Truths:

  • If you want to collect information such as email address, phone number or name from those seeing your website you will need to give them something in return. A discount not available otherwise or a piece of relevant information might work depending on your business.
  • Your provider will sell you the services they know how to do. If you come to an organization that is heavy in graphical design, you will usually be sold a new design.
  • You will usually get what you ask for. If you ask a digital marketing firm for a nicer looking website then this is what you will get. The real problem might be not enough qualified website visitors or simply no call to action on your landing page.
  • If you try to trick Google, you will ultimately lose.
  • If you don’t measure your results there may not be any results. Define success before beginning the project.