Website Analytics is a key component of web marketing

Website Data is tracked by Google Analytics

We use and study Google Analytics to establish how well our clients are doing on the web. We measure our success by improvements in the data we get from Web Analytics.

In addition Website Analytics will give you information to improve your position if you know how to use them.

For example, a few years ago, we began working with a client who had been paying Yellow Pages for listings on their web-based Yellow Page site. They covered 5 geographic areas and quite a few categories. Their costs were several thousand dollars a month. The listings had a link to our client’s website and those seeing the listings and ads could click on the link to go to the website. Since beginning to pay for the listings they were told that the number of people going from the Yellow Page ads to their website had nearly doubled. This was true but only part of the story.

During the time period we studied, only 196 visitors came from Yellow Pages representing less than .6 % of all the web traffic. Doubling that by paying thousands of dollars was not a good proposition. If you don’t know what analytics is and how to use them, you really need to work with an organization that will properly support you. As a web marketing firm we not only do what our clients ask but we use advanced website analytics to monitor our progress. How many companies will just go ahead and do exactly what you ask? “Refresh my Website,” “Do a PPC program for me” or “Build me another website using this new domain I have purchased (that matches one of my search words).”

You wouldn’t tell your car mechanic to replace your water pump, would you? Would you tell your doctor what medicine to prescribe? Why attempt to do your own strategic planning for our website and web marketing program?

Website Analytics is a web marketing service you need but may not know about

What service we seldom ask for but is one of the most important things we do for our clients?

Why is it that one of the most important services we offer is never asked for by our clients? The answer is Google Analytics.

Because we assume the responsibility of providing real marketing “outcomes” for our clients, we measure not just what we are doing but we measure the results by use of Website Analytics. We measure how our clients compare on the web with their competition and how they now compare with their web position in the past.

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