A disembodied white face in the shape of a ball. He is happy and laughing at something funny.

100 SEO Jokes by Chat GPT

So I was doing my regular blog posting for work and I was playing around with Chat GPT today looking for ideas. I asked it to make an SEO joke and I actually thought it was very clever. Next I proceeded to ask it to give me 20 more SEO jokes and they too looked extremely clever and were actually quite funny. I took a few of the jokes and copied and pasted them into Google search to see if they were actual jokes and I didn’t find anything. That tells me that all of these jokes were 100% original. 

So then I decided to have it write me 100 SEO jokes. I’m sure Chat GPT could have produced a lot more, but I figured that 100 jokes was enough.  Some of them are actually funny, but most of them will only make sense to someone who is in the SEO industry. Overall, they don’t seem half bad and the puns are definitely on point. Honestly, Chat GPT is funnier than I am! – Daclaud Lee SEO Consultant and AI Prompt Engineer

Prompt for featured image: Depict the physical form would an artificial intelligence would take and how look like if it was happy laughing at something funny? –ar 3:2 

  1. Why did the SEO expert climb the mountain? To improve his page rank!
  2. What’s an SEO’s favorite band? Linkin Park.
  3. Why did the SEO bring a notebook to the website audit? To take notes of the meta.
  4. What do you call a wizard in SEO? An al-Gore-ithm!
  5. How do SEOs stay cool in the summer? They use meta fans.
  6. What do you call a Google update that happens overnight? A search engine nap!
  7. Why did the SEO start a gardening blog? To grow organic traffic.
  8. Why did the SEO get a pet spider? To help with crawling.
  9. How do you spot an SEO at a party? They’re the ones optimizing the playlist for engagement.
  10. Why did the SEO marry the content writer? They made a great keyword match.
  11. What did the SEO say to the website? “Let’s rank together.”
  12. Why are SEOs good at basketball? They know how to drive traffic to the net.
  13. What does an SEO do at the gym? Meta-fit training.
  14. Why don’t SEOs ever get lost? They always know how to find their way back with breadcrumbs.
  15. How do SEOs keep track of their schedule? With a meta calendar.
  16. What do you call an SEO who can’t stop working? A rankaholic.
  17. Why did the SEO go to art school? To learn about alt attributes.
  18. Why do SEOs love horror movies? Because they love dealing with crawl errors.
  19. What’s an SEO’s favorite movie genre? Action and clicks.
  20. How do SEOs prefer their steaks? Well-linked.
  21. Why was the SEO’s website so strong? It had great backlinks.
  22. What do SEOs and detectives have in common? They both follow links.
  23. Why did the SEO take a ladder to work? To reach the top of the search results.
  24. What do you call a lazy SEO? A sloth-opitimizer.
  25. How do SEOs make money? With a pay-per-click bank.
  26. Why did the SEO bring an umbrella? To avoid the algorithm storm.
  27. What’s an SEO’s favorite sport? Link building.
  28. Why did the SEO break up with the social media manager? They couldn’t agree on engagement.
  29. How do SEOs like their coffee? Full of rich snippets.
  30. Why did the SEO get a tattoo of a 404 error? To remind them not to go off the beaten path.
  31. Why did the SEO get glasses? To improve their page views.
  32. What’s an SEO’s favorite game? Keyword Jenga.
  33. Why did the SEO build a rocket? To launch their site into the stratosphere.
  34. How do SEOs relax? They take a crawl break.
  35. Why do SEOs love jokes? Because they always come with punchlines and keywords.
  36. What’s an SEO’s favorite animal? A panda, as long as it’s not a Google update.
  37. How do SEOs make decisions? They run an A/B test.
  38. Why did the SEO get a dog? For companionship and a daily dose of tail-wagging traffic.
  39. What’s an SEO’s favorite kind of music? Heavy meta.
  40. Why do SEOs love the ocean? Because it’s full of link waves.
  41. How do SEOs celebrate? With a site map party.
  42. Why was the SEO’s calendar always full? They had too many dates with analytics.
  43. Why did the SEO go on a diet? To cut down on bounce rate.
  44. How does an SEO stay in shape? By doing meta-cise.
  45. Why did the SEO take up meditation? To improve site speed and mental clarity.
  46. What’s an SEO’s favorite season? Winter, for all the cold leads.
  47. Why did the SEO wear a tie? To impress the search engine bots.
  48. What’s an SEO’s favorite snack? Cookies, as long as they’re not blocked.
  49. Why did the SEO get a massage? To relieve the pressure of ranking stress.
  50. What’s an SEO’s favorite holiday? April 22, Earth Day, because it’s all about organic growth.
  51. How do SEOs handle criticism? They filter it through negative keywords.
  52. Why did the SEO go back to school? To get a degree in link-onomics.
  53. What’s an SEO’s favorite drink? Link juice.
  54. How do SEOs drive? Carefully, to avoid getting penalized.
  55. Why did the SEO build a house? For a solid backlink foundation.
  56. What’s an SEO’s favorite plant? The money tree, with lots of organic growth.
  57. Why did the SEO join a band? To work on their meta tags.
  58. What’s an SEO’s favorite holiday decoration? The Christmas tree, with all its links.
  59. Why did the SEO write a book? To increase their authority.
  60. What’s an SEO’s favorite superhero? Spider-Man, for his web-crawling abilities.
  61. Why did the SEO go to the beach? To catch some SERPs.
  62. How do SEOs stay warm in the winter? With a good keyword coat.
  63. Why did the SEO become a chef? To cook up some hot leads.
  64. What’s an SEO’s favorite TV show? “Breaking Bad Links.”
  65. How do SEOs get around? With a keyword map.
  66. Why did the SEO visit the doctor? For a site health check-up.
  67. What’s an SEO’s favorite game show? “Who Wants to Be a Keyword Millionaire?”
  68. Why did the SEO start a podcast? To get some quality backlinks.
  69. What’s an SEO’s favorite sport? Click-and-field.
  70. How do SEOs keep their hair in place? With a strong site map.
  71. Why did the SEO move to the mountains? For higher page ranks.
  72. What’s an SEO’s favorite dessert? Google Pie, with a side of rankings.
  73. Why did the SEO get a telescope? To look at the stars… in search results.
  74. What’s an SEO’s favorite hobby? Bird-watching, for all the tweets.
  75. How do SEOs stay organized? With a meta checklist.
  76. Why did the SEO go to space? To reach for the stars and climb the ranks.
  77. What’s an SEO’s favorite subject in school? Web-ology.
  78. Why did the SEO become a pilot? To soar in the search results.
  79. What’s an SEO’s favorite fruit? Apple, for all the smart queries.
  80. How do SEOs listen to music? With keyword tunes.
  81. Why did the SEO go hiking? To improve their local ranking.
  82. What’s an SEO’s favorite fish? A linker.
  83. Why did the SEO love puzzles? They were great at connecting the pieces of the web.
  84. What’s an SEO’s favorite instrument? The sitelink.
  85. How do SEOs like their eggs? Over-easy and with good meta data.
  86. Why did the SEO write poetry? To master the art of content flow.
  87. What’s an SEO’s favorite car? A backlink sedan.
  88. How do SEOs stay fit? By running search queries.
  89. Why did the SEO take up baking? To craft the perfect cookie.
  90. What’s an SEO’s favorite type of exercise? Jumping to page one.
  91. How do SEOs start their day? With a cup of strong keywords.
  92. Why did the SEO get a cat? To keep track of all the clicks.
  93. What’s an SEO’s favorite kind of cheese? Mozzarella, for its link-building potential.
  94. How do SEOs keep their clothes clean? With a sitemap spin cycle.
  95. Why did the SEO visit the zoo? To see the SERPs.
  96. What’s an SEO’s favorite movie? “The Fast and the Ranking.”
  97. How do SEOs handle stress? By optimizing their breathing techniques.
  98. Why did the SEO become an artist? To create beautiful landing pages.
  99. What’s an SEO’s favorite weather? Clear skies and high rankings.
  100. How do SEOs stay calm? By taking deep meta-breaths.
Chat GPT as a Jester according to Midjourney
Midjourney Prompt: What would a physical version of ChatGPT look like as a jester telling a joke? --ar 2:3

For some reason, Midjourney created this really creepy looking jester who looks like a combination of The Joker (from Batman) and a fantasy goblin. when I told it to make a physical version of Chat GPT as a jester telling a joke.