Larger question; When to contract out and when not to? The larger question of just how to get a website made can apply to almost any activity that your business does. When should you perform functions that your business is engaged in, in-house and when not to?

It is of particular importance to your website and some digital marketing activities. Why would this be? The main reason is that you cannot supervise someone if you totally lack any knowledge of what they are doing.

For that matter you cannot hire someone either. When you farm out a task you are not working with someone who will be doing the work but someone who knows enough about his work and something about your business as well.

If you hire website guy, do you know what skills he needs to have? There is so much more to building a website than what you see on your computer screen.

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There are many considerations to building a website and unless you have quite a bit of experience in the area you will not be able to tell if your new guy even knows what to do.