Use your website to reduce operating costs

Use Your Website to Reduce Operating Costs

. . . . And serve your clients better at the same time

By Mike Forrest, Owner/CEO at Archmore Business Web

Reduce Operating Costs

We spend a lot of time using the web and the website to get more business with good reason too. From time to time it is useful to see what we may be missing in using the web and technology to actually reduce costs. A dollar saved represents a lot more than one more dollar in the door. The average percent profit of American Corporations is less than 8%. If you want $100 more profit you would need to increase revenue by almost $1,300!

Any use of these will depend on the exact nature of your business.

  1. Put any forms that you want your clients to fill out or to have access to on your website. The forms can be made so that they can be completed online or be downloaded and completed by hand. Keep your updated forms on ONE place – online. (sending anyone to your website will enable them to see more of what you do and offer – this cannot be bad!)
  2. Take payments for services on your website. It doesn’t cost much and again you get more people to see more of what you do. You will get your payments more quickly than a check.
  3. Use a click-to-chat feature on your website to answer quick questions. You can have several people who monitor this and it works well on mobile devices as well.
  4. Get a website that has a built in CMS (Content Management System). Train one or two in-house people to make the most frequent changes and reduce your cost outlay for web support.
  5. Implement a ticketing system for your clients to request answers to certain questions or to ask for service that does not require a separate quote. The system will assure you get back to the client and prove the client with a good feeling of organization. In addition you can easily review all client requests. Email is ok but it is too loose – the ticketing system insures regular client communication.

By Mike Forrest,
Owner/CEO at Archmore Business Web