Do You Only Have 1/3 of a Website?

By Mike Forrest, Owner/CEO at Archmore Business Web

Do you only have one-third of a site?

What parts are you missing?

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Most people have a nice brochure on the web because that is what the guy paying for it knows about and can see. Even so, there are many sites out there that just don’t look right. Not necessarily bad just not right. As if you met someone and they wore an overcoat in the summer or wore shorts to your meeting in the winter.


More difficult to know is if your website has any technical issues that will cause Google not know what it is all about and therefore to not list it in the search results.

Here is an extreme example of a website for a web development firm that just has something wrong for Google and this is how it looks in a Google search listing if it gets listed at all (to get this image I had to type in the whole company name exactly like this).

Hard to believe this is the listing for a web marketing company!

Here is how we look:

Other technical issues will prevent the website from being viewed with a mobile phone or tablet. Since the website is constantly working for you 24 hours a day- 7 days a week-365 days a year, the amount of damage this does to your marketing or sales effort can be quite large.

Science or Psychology

Last is the science component. This how you get your website to be the best sales tool or advertisement for your business that it can be. Unless you are in this business, these elements will get overlooked.

Some are simple and others more complex. If you are using your website to get more sales leads then this is a vital component. In the September blog we covered many of the elements you need in your website.

You can do as much wrong as you can right in this category. Playing music or video when the website loads is a big mistake that some companies make. You definitely need a prominent phone number and easy to access list of services so someone visiting your website to do business with you has what they need right away.


By Mike Forrest,
Owner/CEO at Archmore Business Web

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