Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Website Traffic in 2022

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The way companies operate, interact, and engage with their customers have changed significantly with the evolution of technology. The definition of marketing has changed to include online marketing, which helps companies reach potential customers from across the globe. So, it is no surprise that every organization constantly strives to increase its website traffic significantly. 

That's because higher website traffic means a better reach for the products or services of the company. But how can companies achieve this? The answer is simple - they need to invest in digital marketing to ensure that their brand gets the much-needed visibility and stands out from the competition. 

Going by the market trends and the growing importance of digital marketing, one can say that the numbers are not eulogizing. So, how can companies boost their digital marketing presence and impact? Before we go deeper into the subject, we should know about different types of website traffic. There are three types of traffic: direct traffic, organic traffic, and affiliate traffic.

Direct traffic can be attributed to those customers who know about the website and directly reach you. Organic traffic can be defined as the traffic that comes to your website from outside sources. One of the main advantages of organic traffic is the fact that it helps in increasing the reach of the brand. Lastly, affiliate traffic is the kind of traffic a website gets when one of the associates advertises your website on their website. The associate gets a monetary benefit for doing so on their website. 

Now that we know what the different types of website traffic are, let us get into various strategies that can be used to increase website traffic.

1. Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a popular concept in the market for the promotion of start-ups and other businesses. Business owners can create fantastic videos to engage their audience on different social media platforms. 

Video marketing can benefit owners in different ways like increasing sales, brand awareness, online presence, user engagement on different social media platforms, and product understanding among the users. You can create different types of video content like product videos, testimonial videos, informational videos, demonstration videos, or storytelling videos for engaging users. 

2. Content Creation

The type of content that is being consumed by the majority of people on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is in the form of videos and blogs. 

It is essential that one has videos in their portfolio along with other collateral to use on social media. It is very important for people to create videos using relevant content as people do not watch videos longer than 30 seconds to 1 minute. The online video maker can also be used to create engaging and interesting video content for audiences on different social media platforms. Simply put, the more the videos, the better the reach. 

Blogs that are both informative and entertaining to read can engage audiences more effectively than any other type of content available. Blogs and articles are written for a variety of reasons, including educating audiences, increasing search engine rankings, communicating your brand identity, and so on. Because of their wide appeal, blogs are ideal for informing customers about upcoming product launches.

3. Organic Social Media

Social media is gaining a new definition every day. It is extremely important to have a clear strategy for each social media platform that includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. It is also a need of the hour that the audience is not spammed with content as there is already an overload of content being consumed by people through various social media platforms.

It is important that the content being posted has clear and crisp communication but is also relevant to the target audience.

Another key trait of successful social media utilization is being a first adopter of the features that are being released by various social media platforms. One of the best examples can be the automated chatbot that Facebook introduced for enterprises. Another feature that Instagram introduced was IGTV. Posts, polls, videos, and stories are various elements that if used judiciously can go a long way in creating a strong online presence.

4. Optimization of Click-through Rate

Now that the content strategy is ready and the different types of content are ready for various platforms, we have to post the content online. Once the content is out on the internet, the ranking of your website is determined by the various search engines. A key metric for websites is the click-through rate.

This measures the people who actually read the content you have posted online against the total number of clicks on the particular link. Apart from posts, it is a tactical decision to edit videos and keep the audience engaged with short videos on the website. To draw the right type of audience to the website, one must use proper titles and meta descriptions. 

5. Social News Sites

Many people come online looking for answers/solutions to their problems. A significant number of people land on websites like Quora and Reddit because of the available varied and honest opinions. One of the main reasons websites like these are popular is that connections are formed between unknown people simply because of a common question or an opinion.

These platforms also facilitate sharing of external content. When a topic or query relevant to your business comes up, you can answer it and plug in your business link. But too much of this will be considered self-promotion and may backfire, so one must use this carefully.


Digital marketing is an integral part of marketing and branding in today's day and age. However, there is no one size fits in this space, so companies need to constantly update their marketing strategies to meet the evolving needs of the market. If you are a brand owner, it is important to understand your customer's needs and build a strategy around them for your brand. We hope you found the tips we shared here useful in building a successful digital marketing strategy for your business. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, mention them in the comments section.

By InVideo

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