What Types of Businesses Need SEO?

By Daclaud Lee, Project Manager / SEO Consultant at Archmore Business Web

Q: I just started my own business. Do I need SEO for my marketing?

A: Yes!

The truth is, just about every business will need SEO services in order to succeed. As SEO professionals, we will be blunt when we say that some businesses will benefit more from SEO than others than others, but the reality is that every business needs Search Engine Optimization in order to get your website found! I have compiled a list of service area businesses as well as brick and mortar businesses that will definitely benefit from SEO. I have also included some keyword examples for each business (if you want to know more, then contact us for a free consultation and get a price quote for SEO services!)

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Service Area Businesses

A service area business (SAB) may be defined as any business that recruits consultants but does not sell products or services directly to retail consumers. Or they can also be defined as a business that operated outside of their physical location and brings goods and services to their customers. Below are several examples of SABs as well as examples of common keywords you want to optimize your website for.

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Internet Professionals

The best way to start this list is to include ourselves! As digital marketers, we offer professional SEO services, website design, web development, graphic design, logo design, PPC marketing, social media management, reputation management and email marketing services to clients across the nation and all over the world! No matter where you are, we can help you beause we deliver the finished product as well as ongoing servces digitally. This is why we are considered a service area business, because we can serve customers outside of our actual location.


Most businesses small, medium or large may need to outsource an accountant at some point. As long as you can do work remotely, then your accounting firm should make use of SEO services. Getting found for keywords such as "Bookkeeper + Columbus OH" or "Bookkeeper + Seattle WA" can certainly help clients from many different cities and states get ahold of you. Getting found for different accounting services within different cities can help you obtain more clients.


Some attorneys only operate within their office, but there are also attorneys that are willing to drive out to make house calls to their clients. If you are an attorney and have problems finding clients, then you need SEO services so your clients can find you! You can branch out to as many different areas as you are legally allowed to practice in.

Catering Companies

As a caterer, you may have partners with different event venues where your clients can host their events such as weddings, graduations or even corporate events. As a catering company, you will want to get ranked for generalized keywords such as "Catering + City" or more specialized and niche keywords such as "Chinese Catering", "Mexican Catering", "Wedding Catering", "Corporate Catering", or "Pizza Catering" for example. There are many restaurants that also offer catering services, and therefore SEO would also benefit restaurants as well.

Tutors and Educators

A lot of students out there need your services, but they may only be finding you on tutoring websites like Wyzant. However, you can have a website and reach out to even more potential students with SEO. Why limit yourself to just classified ads and tutoring websites where you are at the mercy of someone else's platform? If you create your own tutoring website, then you can have clients find you through SEO



Just about every home owner will need an electrician at some point. Since electricians obviously have to go into their customer's home, SEO is highly important in order to get more business. With SEO, you can get customers from new neighborhoods as well as commercial and industrial clients without having to place a bid, because the will be looking for you. As an electrician, you will want to rank for "Residential Electrician + City" and maybe even "Commercial Electrician + City". Do that for every city you serve and you can get business from outside of your usual network.

Home Inspectors

As a home inspector, you might be inspecting houses or commercial buildings all over the city you do business in as well as neighboring areas. Since home inspections is a highly mobile job, then SEO is highly important. You will want to get ranked for keywords such as "Home Inspections + City" or even more specialized services such as "Radon Inspection" or "Mold Inspection" for example. Getting ranked for these keywords will be essential to any home inspection business.

HVAC Contractors

Just like electricians, HVAC contactors need to go to their customer's homes or businesses in order to work on air conditioners or furnaces. An HVAC contractor needs to rank for kewords such as: "Air Conditioning Repair + City" and "Furnace Repair + "City" as well as any variation of these keywords such as "AC Repair + City" or "Heating Repair + City"


Virtually everyone has had plumbing issues at one point or another. Therefore, SEO is great for your plumbing business! If you are a plumber, then you will want to get ranked in organic search for basic keywords such as "Plumber + Columbus OH" or even more niche keywords such as "Cheap + Sump + Pump + Installation + Columbus OH". As long as you serve different areas within your city, you will want to get found for all different types of keywords.

Brick and Mortar Businesses

A brick and mortar business is a physical business that has a main shop, branch offices or storefronts. Brick and mortar businesses have been around for years, but the Internet has made it easier to sell products without having customers having to go to a physical store. Brick and mortar businesses can benefit from SEO in many different ways and I have described a few of them below.

Retail Stores

Retail stores are everywhere. Take a look at all the major brick and mortal retailers out there such as Walmart, Lowes, Target and others like that. When you do a search for a product, what do you see? You see the product, the price and who sells it, that's what you see! In order to compete with the bigger retailers, you will need to optimize your website for your main products. With SEO, you can get your products listed in Google's Shopping Tab, so people can compare prices and choose whether or not they want to wait for delivery or actually make a visit to your store. With delivery partners such as Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and even Uber, you can get your products to your customer's door in a relatively short amount of time!

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Restaurants and Bars

Delivery partners such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub and Chow Now provide opportunities for restaurants to level the playing field with delivery options. Optimizing your restaurant for "Indian food delivery + city", "Chinese food delivery + city", Mexican food delivery + city (you get the idea) can really impact your business. Now replace the keyword to "catering" and your restaurant can also compete with all the catering companies out there too. Maybe you offer happy hour specials or even special events such as karaoke or trivia nights. If so, then you want to also get found for keywords such as "trivia nights + city" or "best happy hour + city". Every restaurant or bar will benefit from SEO.

Our Services: Get SEO for your restaurant!

Recreation Facilities

These include many venues such as movie theatres, axe throwing bars, pool halls, paint and sip, paint ball, laser tag arena, go cart tracks, cigar lounge, arcade or board gaming lounge. Whatever your recreation facility is, you will benefit from SEO for your service as well as any other complimentary services you may offer. For example, if you are a cigar lounge that allows BYOB options, then you will want to optimize for the keyword "BYOB + city" for example. If you are an axe throwing bar that also offers happy hour beer prices, then you want to also get ranked for "beer specials + city". Regardless of what you do, your recreational facility needs SEO.

Event Venues

Are you a wedding or party venue? Then you need SEO! People need to find your business for keywords such as "wedding venue + city", "haunted house + city" or "meeting space + city". Are you a wedding venue that has worked with catering companies in the past? Then you could benefit from getting ranked for the catering company's name as a preferred vendor, so if people are searching for that specific caterer, then they will know that you work with them.

Healthcare Facilities

Wheather you are a massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, doctor, dentist, optimitrist, shaman, witch doctor or anything in between, you need SEO! Many medical practices rely on their insurance network (as well as referrals) to get them customers, but what if you have a more specialized practice such as plastic surgery or aesthetics? If your medical facility is more cosmetic based (stuff that insurance doesn't cover), then your practice can benefit from SEO because people who are interested in your services will be able to find you and you can showcase your work in order to give them a better idea of your services.

Beauty and Aesthetics

If you are a beautician, nail salon, hair salon, barbershop or cosmetic tatoo artist, you will need SEO in order to get your services found online. Have a list of every service you offer and also plug in the city. That is what you want to optimize your website for. Examples include: "mens haircut + city", "nail salon + city", "weaves + city" or "cosmetic tatoo + city" (as opposed to normal tatooing). The keywords are going to be whatever services you offer within your city. If you are willing to travel, then you should also optimize for other cities as well.

Now You Know That Your Business Needs SEO!

Obviously the list above is incomplete. It would take a lot more effort to list every single business out there that could benefit from SEO, but that would require a lot more going back and forth and I would never finish this article. So basically, as long as you are in business, then you need SEO. It doesn't matter if you are B2B or B2C, your website can benefit from keyword optimization! Contact us today and let us know how we can help you get more customers, leads and sales through SEO.

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By Daclaud Lee, Project Manager / SEO Consultant at Archmore Business Web

Daclaud Lee is an SEO Consultant at Archmore Business Web. He is the guy who gets your website found in the search engines. If you need SEO for your website, then contact us today!

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What Types of Businesses Need SEO?
The truth is, just about every business will need SEO services in order to succeed. As SEO professionals, we will be blut when we say that some businesses will benefit more from SEO than others than others, but the reality is that every business needs Search Engine Optimization in order to get your website found!